Misha Zatsman
Software Engineer

Comfortable with:
Distributed Systems Engineering in C++, Java and Python.
Unfamiliar Territory.
Google, Mountain View, California
Senior Software Engineer
  • Key Contributor to projects in core focus areas including Search, Ads and Gmail.
  • Founded the Realtime Search team.
  • Scaled Gmail's Message Delivery by an order of magnitude.
  • Improved many company-wide infrastructure components.
  • Recognized with a Founder's Award for my work on gmail and two OC awards for my work on gmail and realtime search.
  • Many contributions to recruiting, hiring and mentoring.
  • 2001
    Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
    Computer Science Teaching Assistant
  • CS 481: Honors Theory of Computing
  • CS 482: Intro to Algorithms
  • Summer
    Amazon, Seattle, Washington
    Software Development Intern in Search Group
  • Improved indexing algorithm to speed up exact phrase match searches over 100x
  • Implemented catalog and indexing changes that allowed items to appear in multiple indices
  • Designed and implemented indexing algorithm changes to support phrase matches across multiple spellings
  • Created several new indices
  • Maintained, improved, and debugged existing C code
  • Summer
    Quia, Burlingame, California
    Software Development Intern
  • Designed and implemented Java Servlets that access and update an Oracle database
  • Redesigned class structure to maximize modularity and reusability
  • Designed and created database schema
  • Redesigned Perl scripts to access database records instead of files
  • 1996
    Inera, Newton, Massachusetts
    Software Developer
  • Developed eXtyles 1.0 as a suite of VB DLLs, OmniMark programs, and VBA MS Word extensions to automate the conversion of documents to XML and enforce corporate styles
  • Developed highly-interactive software in Visual Basic to assemble an electronic deliverables package consisting of text and graphic components of scientific journals
  • Designed and implemented in VB a Graphical User Interface to the SGML conversion software
  • Implemented and maintained a nightly regression test suite for our SGML conversion software
  • Summer
    Laboratory of Computer Science, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
    Software Development Intern
  • Designed and implemented a generic conversion program to produce a web-based application from a Toolbook application.
  • Education:
  • M.Eng. in Computer Science, Cornell University
  • 2001
  • B.A. in Computer Science & Math (double major), Cornell University
  • 1997-99
  • First two years of undergraduate study, Rutgers University
  • 1993-97
  • High School, Commonwealth School, Boston, MA
  • Hobbies:
  • Running, Road and Mountain Biking and Triathlons: I am an Ironman! I have also biked solo from Amsterdam to Munich.
  • Street and Dirt Motorcycling: Rode 2200 Miles from Oklahoma City to Ely, Nevada on the (mostly dirt) Trans-America Trail in July 2010.
  • Snowboarding: Solid, raced for Rutgers.
  • Photography: Tons of personal photos. Worked as a photographer for Rutgers' daily newsaper and my highschool yearbook (and yearbook editor).
  • Travel: I have visited 37 countries on 6 continents.
  • Kite Surfing: I can return to my starting point and land about half my jumps.
  • Ice and Roller Hockey: I'm not very good but I've got a lot of heart.